Repreve - Turning plastic bottles into swim trunks.

Repreve - Mysterious material that maamgic use in our new collection for water sports especially. Find out what this term really means.


Just imagine it. It's a sunny day and you are enjoying a perfect surf ride when you suddenly get a glimpse at a bunch of plastic trash on the next beach. Does this also make you feel sad and angry inside? We have good news for you. maamgic found a way to make something meaningful out of such hated plastic, even though it may seem useless.

This is exactly how the idea of creating a Repreve collection of swim trunks was created.

For maamgic's new collection, everything started with a partnership with Repreve, which recycles plastic bottles and converts them into fibers. These can then be used to make clothes and give the material a second life.


Plastic swim trunks? Are you kidding me?

No, we're really not. Maamgic, in cooperation with Repreve, was able to turn plastic bottles into a functional and very popular product - swim trunks. This process is simple and complex at the same time, and includes 4 consecutive parts:


  1. Firstly, plastic bottles are collected and recycled.
  2. The bottles are then chopped into the so-called flakes.
  3. The flakes are ground, melted, and reformulated into the Repreve chips.
  4. Subsequently, the chips are melted and extruded into Repreve recycled fiber. This fiber is turned into fabric, and after some time, your favorite eco-friendly swim trunksare made.


In this video, you can also see how the Repreve yarn is made:


Simple, isn't it? The simplicity of this process lies mainly in the fact that most plastic bottles are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). PET is also a part of polyester, which is commonly used in boardshorts as well as various other products. The complexity, on the other hand, can be based on the fact that getting boardshorts out of plastic bottles takes a little bit of work and lots of ingenuity. However, you will surely agree that it's worth it. For the better tomorrow and the future of oceans without plastic! Also thanks to new generation boardshorts.

Protecting the environment without which we could not enjoy the sports that we have in our blood has become an important part of our lives.


Let's dress the swim trunks made from plastic bottles and hit the waves!


Author: Ada

December 11, 2022 — Ada Ye

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