If you have read our previous article on MAAMGIC+ Series, you'll know what products will be included in.

Today’s blog is about the Funliday Edition of MAAMGIC+, Stretch Nylon Swim Trunks.

Let's start with a little interview!

Q: Hey Nelly, It's our honor to see you guys join maamgic community. May I know your thoughts about it? Why're you willing to join us?

A: I actually have three sons. They are all models and actors here in the USA. They have worked since they were babies. The boys love being in front of the camera and they love CLOTHES!! Since I bought probably 12 pairs of swim trunks from the company, I thought I could ask about my boys being brand ambassadors. Plus, I saw some pics on social media and I thought I could snap a few photos that truly represent the Maamgic. Since I've been in the fashion industry with my boys, I have observed and learned a lot at fitting and been on set.

Q: We noticed that you guys wear our 4.5" vintage swim trunks during your trip, what made you choose maamgic at first?

A: So first of all, the style or trend of men/boys wearing short shorts is back! It was beach trend in the 1970's and for some reason everyone wants them! My boys wanted me to source out short swim trunks and I found you on the internet and social media. I bought these vintage shorts last year for my oldest son. This year, Austin outgrew his medium size ones and I had to purchase size Larges for him. James has a different body type and fit in size smalls this summer. Maamgic offers a lot of different colors and patterns. My boys love every single one of them. The hemline and stitching are sewn really well. The drawstring is great too but in my opinion just a little too long. It can be shortened. The pockets are fabulous and the waistband has a good stretch. These shorts were the perfect colors for my Hawaii photographs!

Q: Could you share your feelings about this shooting?

A: These swim trunks are perfect for any man or boy to wear when they are active for instance swimming in a pool or paddle boarding in a nearby lake. The beach or the river or even going to the gym to train is a perfect time to wear these shorts. They go above the knee so you are not restricted as you bend down. It was a fabulous shoot day for us here in Camas, Washington. Sun was warm and the boys were in a great mood!

Q: You guys tried our MAAMGIC+ Funliday edition this time, what's the feeling about them? Will you recommend them to your friends?

A: The shorts are a different material that the Vintage shorts. We like how both materials feel. The polyester shell is not stiff and is soft. The Funliday swim trunk is a nylon and spandex blend that feels silky, SO very different than the Vintage short but still very awesome. Both shorts are very well made. We like the colors and graphics of Funliday!

Q: We saw many combinations of products in this shooting. Apart from swim trunks and gym shorts, what kind of products would you love to see in maamgic?

A: We would love to see more graphic shirts to coordinate with all these great shorts......maybe even sweatshirts? 

Q: What's your advice about maamgic?  

A: Keep having a social media presence......that is the new age of MARKETING!!!!!!

Nelly is a member of maamgic community and she bought many of maamgic vintage styles shorts for her boys, also shared their travelling pictures before. So we invited her to try our Funliday Edition, MAAMGIC+ Series last month. All pictures here are come from them. Their feeling about Funliday Edition is what maamgic wanna convey to the public. Sure enough, our customers know us!

Last but not least, thanks for social medias to make us more closer to you guys. As the head of social media at maamgic, it’s an honor to hear the recognition and acknowledgement of our work from our clients. We will do our best to provide you with better products and services, and share more clips about maamgic and you on social medias.


Don’t hesitate. Treat yourself now!  

MAAMGIC+ Funliday Edition Hot Sale Now! Waiting for your feedback!



Interviewee:Nelly Leo 

Model: James Leo & Austin Leo

Author: Sherry

September 14, 2022 — Sherry Xie

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