We first wanted to establish what motivated people to join loyalty programs. The clear takeaway is that most consumers join programs hoping to save money, or receive discounted products. The second most cited reason for participation was receiving rewards. Earning VIP status came in as a distant third preference. Given these results, we started a loyalty program for our store(maamgic.com) to strengthen our bond with our customers.

  1. How to earn points

When you visit our maamgic.com for the first time, you will see the reward program icon show up on your screen. When you click that button, the widget will appear that has an option for you to join or sign in as a member of our loyalty program.

The Earn points in the widget show all point-earning rules, and the button next to each rule leads you to do the exact actions. For example, for the action Complete an order, we put the button Purchase there. When you click that button, they will be directed to the corresponding page to complete the action and earn points.

  1. How to redeem points

When you accumulate a certain amount of points, you can redeem your points by following the rules in the Redeem points tab. After successfully exchanging points for some specific coupons, you can see and manage the rewards you have in the My rewards tab and directly use them there by clicking the Use it now button.

Note: there is NO cap on to be exchanged for $5 with 2500 points.

  1. How to use the referral program

Each member of the loyalty program has a specific referral link. When you sign up/log in to the reward program, you can check for the referral link in the Referral program tab and use it to refer our store to your families and friends. The system can distinguish those links. After the referred friend registers an account, purchases an item, and that order is fulfilled in maamgic.com, our system will give rewards to the referrer and the referred friend.

  1. How can see your points

After you sign in, you will be able to see the point total you have in the My balance tab, as well as all activities you do when you interact with our store that accumulates points.



 Author: Ada

June 26, 2022 — Ada Ye

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