In the early days of maamgic, we really didn't limit maamgic to just be swim trunks and thus have been experimenting with other types of products. We hope that through our efforts, we can develop products that are as good and affordable as maamgic swim trunks, so that our customers can get easy access to good quality and well-designed products.

After several years of development, our team has carefully summarized the process of brand development and made a formal brand positioning for maamgic. And made clear of the following three major product lines of the maamgic: swimwear, light sports and holiday life. We also created a term for our users: “funliday”, which stand for “finally having that fun memorable vacation you always wanted”. We always want everyone to be optimistic and happy with their lives, and maamgic can be a partner in their life journey. It is also in this positioning that the sports line officially appears in the main products of the brand.

We have found manufacturers of famous sports brands who provide manufacturing and processing services for brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, lululemon, etc. maamgic entrusts these professional sportswear manufacturers to provide production to ensure the quality we demand. As a DTC brand, we don't have many middlemen, so we can let our customers get value at $50 or even under $40.

What is a light sports product?

We are not a sports brand, although we found the manufacturer of a famous sports brand. We wanted to create products that truly meet the needs of our users, as well as present our understanding of sports. So, maamgic's product team had a thorough internal communication and commissioned a consulting firm to complete VIP user interviews.

We will always stick to our idea of “funliday”, so producing fun and good-looking sports shorts became our goal, and we incorporated our years of experience in designing and producing swim trunks into our "light sports" products, reflecting the product concepts of "sports are not boring" and "fitness is fashionable" through graphics, colors and textures. That's why, dear users, you can see so many bright and unique sports products on our website. This is the lifestyle that maamgic likes to share with you through the sale of "light sports" shorts.

2-in-1 Gym Shorts, for those of you who need a muscle-binding fit, we offer two compression lining lengths, choose it according to your preference. 


Running Workout Shorts, four-sided elastic, lightweight, easy to dry, with reflective stripes, also has a comfortable waist drawstring. Its design is bold and spontaneous, showing a completely different sports mood. 

Soft Workout Shorts, its fabric is inspired by yoga exercise, but it is a short that can do any exercise, and at the same time its super soft fabric properties will not deny you a comfortable sleep at home on the weekend wearing it. Check out all the five-star reviews, I'm sure many people wear it that way.



Author: Eric

July 21, 2022 — Eric Yu


Lee Brooks said:

Great product !!! Love the workout shorts and the bathing suit is a must have !! Don’t pay the extra big name brand prices

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