Dress Nature, Access Nature

    maamgic is professional men’s shorts brand.  maamgic was born in the United States in 2017, and the relaxed holiday, fresh and natural style made the brand popular from birth. 

    The founder of maamgic once worked in a clothing factory. Regular life and work every day, gradually he earned money and made some achievements. But at the same time, he was exhausted of such repeated days, which made his heart have been neglected. When he read a passage of Shakespeare, "Nature is the best school, but we are drifting away from her." He finally knows that what he longs for is not what he is currently pursuing in the metropolis. Wanting to pursue his true heart, finally he put down his stable job and walked out of the city to feel the beauty of nature: diving in Manado and turtle swimming; living in the tents near the Mara River in Kenya every day to watch the growth of the lions; driving the yacht in Maldives; the luxury roaming in Langkawi, Penang...After more than a year of global travel, he made his entrepreneurial determination after natural contact. He aims to make the best beach shorts with the best price for people, hoping more and more young people could get out of the city and embrace nature like him. Therefore, he defines “Dress nature, access nature” as his brand's slogan, and implement it on the three dimensions: “product dimension, brand dimension and advertising dimension”, surrounding closely the concept of “nature and environmental protection”. 

    The brand dimension advocates a life philosophy, “Nature + Vacation” – walk out of the city with family and friends, stay away from the hustle and bustle, embrace nature, and wear “maamgic” to listen to the songs of mountains and sea.