As a DTC brand, maamgic was once caught in a period of low price competition in its early days. Faced with countless low-priced competing products on the market, we had to put a lot of our efforts on "reducing costs so customers could take maamgic’s products home at a lower price".

For a brand that was new to the North American market, the low price strategy did drive maamgic's initial growth. A lower price can indeed attract you to pay for a new brand that is not well-known, but you may not have too much expectations for what it can bring to you. But as a member of the startup team, I know clearly that maamgic was not created to make garbage. So even though we utilize the most common fabrics and manufacturing processes, we will find the top of the line factories to help us ensure the quality of our products. That's why, in just two years, our sales soared on Amazon's North American marketplace, and a year later, we became the best-selling swim trunk brand in every country on the Amazon European Platform.

 Yes, the low price let more customers know us at the early stage. However, we will never lower the quality of our products in pursuit of the lower prices. Even today, we rarely have links with ratings below 4.5 on Amazon's various country sites. There are even some core products that maintain a high rating of 4.8 (or five stars as Amazon shows) all year round. What kind of reward do we need? Just a smile when you open the package and take the product out, a happy jump into the pool with your maamgic swim trunks, or the compliment you get when you're soaking up the sun on the beach. These moments are the reason why our customers leave us satisfied reviews, and these are also what we are proud of. But we're not going to settle for the most basic of fabrics, or a generic product that's "okay" and "good value for money". Although the price of our products is already on the high side of DTC brands on Amazon, we have to say that it’s really hard to improve the quality of our products with a retail price of 20+. With better fabrics, better design, better techniques, better packaging, and service, we hope to offer incomparable quality and "high-end" products with maamgic design at 70%± of the price of traditional brands.

The MAAMGIC+ series is coming now.

The logo in all caps means that we want its quality to exceed any of our previous products, and the "+" stands for more than just pool and beach, you can wear it in more places. We characterize this demand as multi-scene wearing.

The MAAMGIC+ series, which has already been confirmed, has two products, Stretch Nylon Swim Trunks and Eco-friendly Stretch Swim Trunks. They will only be available on the brand's official website ( in the near future, and they will not be available on other platforms such as Amazon.

Model: Alexander Cayetano
IG: @alex_cayetano

Stretch Nylon Swim Trunks

Traditional non-stretch fabrics offer a better silhouette, but the lack of stretch means it constricts your movements. Regular stretchable fabrics drape too much and cause the trunks to fall when you put them on, which is not cool enough. Traditional nylon has a better silhouette, and it's lightweight and quick-drying. But the lack of stretch and the tendency to tear are disadvantages that limit its performance. "Elastic Ripstop NYLON" is an almost perfect fabric: stretchy, tear-resistant, and keeps the trunks in good shape, while being light and quick to dry. Such a perfect fabric combined with maamgic's excellent product design capabilities will provide you with a great swim trunk.

At the same time, the designer of MAAMGIC+ series tries to interpret "multi-scene wearing" from the design perspective. The style of the Stretch Nylon Swim Trunks is a bit more restrained than the original maamgic swim trunks and is much more subtle in the way it uses color. Although some of the colors are still very enthusiastic, it won’t look very "beachy" when you wear it and drive to the supermarket because it just looks like a nice, stylish pair of shorts. In the design and combination of graphics, the designers also add "artistry" by incorporating the concept of sketches into the product to make it look more chic, unique.

It has the same shape as maamgic's 4.5-inch Vintage Swim Trunks, a style familiar to anyone who knows maamgic and perfectly in tune with maamgic.

Eco-friendly Stretch Swim Trunks

It seems that all brands have been doing the theme of environmental protection for many years. As a young brand, maamgic certainly has a sense of responsibility. We chose to start with fabrics to support the environmental cause.

We sought a partnership with UNIFI, INC. and used the company's REPREVE® fabric. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and has passed the following tests and the authoritative UTRUST system certification:






In addition to the use of eco-friendly fabrics, the designers of the MAAMGIC+ series combined the concept of environmental protection with the idea of "lightness". The traditional design approach of exaggerated enthusiasm is abandoned in favor of a fresher and simpler design. From the design perspective to enhance the interpretation of the concept of environmental protection, wear it and feel peace and relaxed. In the design elements, the designer will also try to use more abstract, line sense of painting techniques. Therefore, this product can also reflect the design concept of "multi-scene wearing".

It is the most popular 5.5-inch swim trunk version with the right length and perfect fit. It will meet you around this fall, and I believe it will become your must-have item for the 2022 Christmas vacation.




Author: Eric

August 26, 2022 — Eric Yu

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