Exercise should not be painful, it should not be monochromatic, and sportswear should be able to show the body and mood anytime and anywhere. Based on the concept of exercising in pleasure, we have designed a series of running shorts and two-in-one fitness shorts with exaggerated colors. Let go of the monotonous black and white! Be bold and be yourself in workout too! With this concept, maamgic wants to show more of the atmosphere when exercising, an mindset that you can exercise anytime and anywhere.

In this series of new sports products, the Running  Workout Shorts are one of my favorite pieces. Because its fabric is light enough, the shorts is functional and practical, and the print is very bold, plus it has a good price. Such a single product can blow away the mechanical nature of running and make the pace more confident(for me). The back waist has a storage pocket, which also gives valuables somewhere to go. The reflective strip on the side of the shorts increases visibility in low light. All in all, I think this would be a fun pair of running shorts in a crowd of its kind.

Workout Stretch Shorts are a versatile pair of sweatshorts that you can wear for anything. It's made of a really silky fabric with a satin sheen to it. Plus it's very stretchy and can support a lot of pulling and extending. Whether it's at the gym, running outdoors, doing yoga, or just lying around at home, it will be very comfortable. This is also one of the favorite products within the company, basically everyone owns a pair, because it feels good on the skin and you can do a lot with it in terms of functionality.

For the campaign, I wanted to highlight the elasticity and softness of the shorts and the versatility of the scenarios it can be used in, so I asked model sam to do a lot of yoga, as well as running around the city. Our shoot turned into a big workout scene for Sam, he completed a full workout.

2-in-1 Gym Shorts are built for the fitness scene. A lot of our thoughts on the beach and holidays are infused into this product, in short, a pair of workout shorts with a vacation vibe. On top of the practicality and functionality, we've gone for a very bold color palette, and the compression liner inside is a little surprise when working out. During the shoot, we showed as many scenarios as possible and highlighted the color scheme and design of the product.

All in all, the new Light Sport line is a bold experiment for maamgic and we really had a lot of fun during the whole process and are really proud of what we've created. I think the products in this line are very different from what's out there in the same category. I want to pass that kind of energy on to you guys through the products and visuals and I hope you all enjoy them.

A special thanks to James the photographer, Christian the videographer and Sam our model.

Until next time.


Photographer: James Barton

Video: Christian Williams

Model: Sammy Elliott

Author: Kim

August 04, 2022 — Joe Bella

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